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The Ultimate Vancouver Prep Guide




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Join us for a comprehensive guide to preparing for Vancouver Regionals! We'll cover metagaming, sequencing, deck selection, our top choices, and everything else you need to know. At the end, we'll also take time to field all your questions.
Aneil Saini & Ciaran Farah
Hey! I'm Aneil and I've been playing the Pokemon TCG for over 15 years now. In this time, I've had success in both the Seniors and Masters division, having top 4 National Championship finishes as well as worlds invites in both! In the modern game, I've been able to day 2 International Championships a total of 4 times since coming back to the game in 2019. On top of that i recently managed to place in the top 16 the Latin American International Championships down in Brazil as well as top 16'ing a few regional championships over the past couple of years. Whether you've seen me on stream, on twitter, maybe you've even listened to my co-hosted podcast, you can probably get a good idea of my personality and coaching style. I'm also a coach outside of Pokemon. I'm the head coach of the mens' division 1 soccer team at the University of Toronto Scarborough, through being a player at the university and now a coach, I've learned plenty of what it means to be a good and successful coach at all levels. The beauty of coaching at a university is that you gain experience coaching all sorts of different people, doing this helped refine my approach and I'm happy to see that translate to Pokemon! My goal is always to help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. Maybe that's something small, something huge, or maybe you don't even know yet! That's what I'd like to help you figure out and accomplish. From gameplay, to deck choice, to preparation, to mentality in a tournament, I'm here to help you get to that next level! My coaching style is laid back and casual. I believe people learn best in an environment they feel most comfortable in, and I strive to create that environment for you as well as challenge you to take steps towards refining your game every session we meet. Thanks for popping by!
1. Confidence in your deck selection 2. Overview of the expected metagame 3. New skills and ideas to add to your game
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