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Creating and Mastering Charizard Control




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This session will teach you how to play the LA Regionals winning charizard control deck, and how to build your own control deck to dominate the metagame.
Isaiah Bradner
Hello everyone! My name is Isaiah Bradner, and I am well-known for being one of the world's most dedicated Pokémon TCG players. I played for three seasons in the Senior Division and won five regional championships and an international championship, among countless other achievements. In my first season as a master, I established myself as one of the best players in the world. I top-cut three regional championships and two international championships and capped off my season with a finalist finish at the North American International Championships and a 16th place finish at the World Championships. I also finished the 2020-2022 season as North America's #1 championship point earner. Since 2022, I have top cut multiple events, and finish in the top 32 of almost every event I attend. I am most proud of finishing second in two events in the past year- the Orlando regional championships, and the European International Championships., Another accomplishment I am extremely proud of is my feature in Pokemon's "Road to Worlds" documentary. This documentary followed my friends and I on our journey through the 2022 season and captured my intense passion for the game. In addition to my accomplishments, I have been coaching for years and have a true passion for helping others improve at the game. My students regularly finish in the top eight of regional and international events and always see significant improvement in their overall play. A student I have coached for years, Regan Retzloff, finished the 2023 season ranked #1 in North America in the Master's division. In addition, another longtime student of mine, Rune Heiremans, was ranked #1 throughout the world in the Senior's division in 2023 and finished top eight at the World Championships. In 2023, Rune won both the North American International Championship and the European International Championship! As well as these two players, I have countless success stories of improving a client's play to the highest level. As a coach, I offer you a unique commitment to your success and insight into gameplay that you won’t find with anyone else. Finally, I play more Pokemon than almost anyone else in the world. My breadth of knowledge guarantees that when you book with me, you'll have access to the very best lists available to bring to your next event. Feel free to message me with any questions, and I look forward to helping you become the best player you can be!
1. Better understand the deckbuilding process for all decks, including control 2. Learn why every card was included in my control list, and how it got there 3. Understand how to play all of the matchups in this format for control
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